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It is obvious that the internet gives us convenient lives, however, many people claim that the internet has bad influence as well. I would like to introduce my opinions of good and bad aspects of using the internet.

Since "smartphones" such as iPhone are popular these days, we can access to the internet anytime, anywhere and easily. I am iPhone user and it does so many jobs and I don't think I can live without it. According to this site, malicious software (malware) would affect not only your computer, but also your smartphone by such as downloading applications and files. I've never thought that internet virus affect smartphones so I was bit surprized. Malware wouldn't let your phone recieve any messages or phone calls and also, it would download any files and applications without permissons. If you got virus on smartphone, it woudn't work properly same as computers got virus. To avoid getting malware on smartphones, it is affective to check review of the application. It is annoying to get virus but also, it might spread to your friends without knowing it.

Internet doesn't need to show our faces, we tend to say whatever we like. It would take as a good way to say opinions, however, if people get used to talk as anonymous, people might get communication difficulties like people become afraid of talking to people face to face.

However, the internet has great influence on our lives as I wrote before, and as you might already know. Can you imagine your life without the internet?

We can use the internet as a tool for keeping in touch with friends. Before, writing letter or calling were the only way however, it takes pretty long while to get letters or it costs to call. Facebook is such a world wide social network sevice therefore you can contact with people out of your country soon.

If we didn't have time to go shopping, you can shop at home.. by using the internet. Nowadays many shops have online shop. Moreover, online shop have more stocks than an individual shop.

There are still so many considerations of using the internet. Therefore, people using the internet have to have knowledge of these, be careful and take responsibilities.
I almost everyday conect to the internet but I've never had bad experiece of using the internet. Therefore I have much more positive image of it than negative image. If I didn't take this CIS class, I would never know about the malware and other bad influences of internet therefore, it was really good opportunity for me. I think people like me should be careful!



1 Quote a Day

The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present.

Description here
I personally like finding nice quotes from internet sites, books and songs. I hate quotations for writing papers though. I was really impressed by this quote when I found this, and it is one of my favorites so I wanted to share this to everyone. This is pretty famous therefore you may know but I hope you like it!

The Four Icon Challenge

fouriconchallenge.egg  on Aviary
fouriconchallenge.egg on Aviary.

description of this assignment here

Guess what movie this is..
Probably it is a little bit difficult.
Here, a big big biiiig hint for you. It's a Disney movie.

Here is the answer!!!
I cannot watch this movie without crying.. Even it was the trailer :-(
I will definitely make my future children watch this. love it!

If you haven't watched it before, I totally recommend you to check it out! like, during winter break :)

I used Aviary Editor to edit this picture since I don't have any photo editor on my laptop. Icons are from this site.


Your very own Spubble

My third ds 106 is Your very own Spubble.
I've just heard that visual assignments are easy, so, why don't I try one?

This picture was taken in last summer, when my friend did my hair color.. she has started working as a hair stylist from April and she wanted to practice coloring on people's hair actually. I didn't ask her any color at that moment because she is my BFF and I trusted her that she wouldn't do any strange colors. She bleached my hair pretty much and it became so blighter! like.. beyond my expectation. lol

Afterward, I was warned to return my hair color by a store manager of my part time job since the blighter hair color is not allowed but i guess it was good experience for both of us!

Name that single

Spotlight on: another brick in the wall

This is my second ds 106 assignment! Name that single!
It's really simple one. You just need to guess a song from this picture! I think I chose really easy and simple picture.

This song reminds me of the winter 3 years ago. I visited Italy as school exchange program for 2 weeks and went out every night during that moment. My host sister took me many places by driving and this song was always on the radio!

It's getting cold these days here in Tokyo and I sometimes miss the days in Italy so I listen to this song :p

In case you couldn't find the answer, check this.



I finally started working on ds106 assignments.. I know it's pretty late but anyways I will do my best.

Assignment I chose this time is "Greetings from ds106".

All my classmates would know it but in case you are not from TUJ or whatever, I'm here from Tokyo, Japan. I've heard that Tokyo is the second largest city in the world! I'm not sure, I may be wrong. I've never lived out of Tokyo so I cannot compare with other cities however.. I love being here at this moment.

If I describe Tokyo just 3 words.. fun, colorful and crazyyyyy ;p
I'm not big fan of Japanese cartoons but people influenced by those wear the animation costumes and I think it is one of Japanese culture and it's fun to see them. And if you went to the city, you can see that almost all buildings have signboards which have many colors. And finally the reason I described Tokyo as crazy is that although Tokyo is literally small city (the second smallest prefecture in Japan), there are sooooooooooo many people here like about half of Japanese citizens are here in such a small place. Lack of place to live is serious problem so we have tall taaaaalllll buildings. A problem is that they prevent us to see whole beutiful sky though :(

So, this is the greeting from Tokyo :)
I hope I can explain it well..

And sorry I edit this picture by iPhone. I wish I could use Photoshop or any good editor on the internet next time.


weekly blog assignment #3

Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP)
Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP) by Ceito ATV thru creativecommons

There are three definitions of the word of "artist" in a dictionary.
1, someone who produces art, especially paintings or drawings
2, a professional performer, especially a singer, dancer, or actor
3, informal someone who is extremely good at something 

In timmmmyboy's blog, he is talking about his idea and he thinks that "we are all artists". I totally agree with him. I think every actions we do in our daily life relate to art or something creative somehow. We just don't know the actions are the art and creating something, I think. For example, taking pictures is one of arts. Cooking would be also arts. Taking notes in a class would be also because it is needed not only writing but also how to arrange words, graphs, whatever.

Everyone at least had an opportunity to take an art class in school before. In a class, teachers label and give scores for what we made. Some could have good scores, on the other hand, some could also get bad scores. I have really had no idea why teachers do this for the things we made since I was in elementary school because everyone must have done their best for those.

However, as I wrote first, the definitions of "artist" sounds like more "professional" and this word is like not for "everyone". But I believe in that everyone can be an artist as timmmmyboy thinks :)